We, parliamentarians, academics, unionists and activists from 25 different countries,
gathered in Paris this 23-24th of January 2016 for the first session of the international
conference, to work out the ways to oppose a Plan B against this Europe.
Faced with a permanent financial Coup, organised by the EU against citizens and
their sovereignty, we thereby decide to make the “Plan B Conference” permanent.
Our first Summit showed the various credible and ambitious solutions available to
break with this Europe and its Treaties. It is the very condition for rebuilding
cooperation between our people and our nations on a new basis. In vital fields of life
both for Europeans and for the Human ecosystem in general, we call for a
refoundation of all the rules, and particularly concerning currency, budgets and debts
as well as trade in Europe and vis-à-vis its relations with the world.
Therefore, we are committed to:
– Gather twice a year a plenary session of the Plan B Conference. To show
citizens the progress of concrete alternatives to current EU policies and its
biannual useless and anti-democratic Summits.
– Create a standing committee of the Plan B summit to ensure the sustainability
of our conference and the proper conduct of its meetings
– Operate thematic committees producing proposals and intervening in European
relevant events, especially concerning currency, budgets and debates as well as
– Label “Plan B” all international, national and local initiatives contributing to
the goals of the Plan B Conference.
Breaking out with the oligarchy and technocracy that is ruling over the EU
institutions by citizen empowerment, public debate, cross-referencing of political,
social and civil views and abroad and in-depth international cooperation. Therefore,
we shall publish on line all our works on euro-planb.eu.
We swear the oath to enlarge by all means our process and to remain untied until a
Plan B hasn’t come in Europe. Our next meeting will be in Madrid in February , in
Germany this summer and then in Rome.
First signatories : Stefano Fassina, Zoe Konstantopoulou, Oskar Lafontaine, Jean-Luc

To sign this statement, send an e-mail to sophierauszer@gmail.com

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